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Self Defense and Personal Safety

Code Amber is now your source for products and information on personal safety and self defense.

Self Defense Information and Products

With the ever increasing reports of physical attacks on people of all ages it is past time for heightened awareness and vigilance on everyone's part when it comes to our personal safety.
Self Defense Training
The first step to take by everyone is to stay focused and aware of your surroundings. People today are easily distracted by so many things. How often do you see people walking anywhere with their full attention on their phone? It seems that everyone is reading or writing email or text messages all the time. This lack of attention to your surroundings presents a very real danger to your personal safety and well being.

We will be addressing three areas of self defense and personal safety here:
  • Self Defense Classes and Training
  • Self Defense Weapons
  • Personal Safety and Defense Disciplines
Self Defense Training for Women We will be reviewing products providing tips and information to help you and your family stay safe and in ever more dangerous world.

We will have everything you need to stay informed and provide security and safety for yourself and everyone around you. Our direction is to move from reaction to prevention in the area of personal safety.

In addition to self defense products you can carry with you there are several different ways you can train to give you a physical and psychological edge if you ever find yourself in a dangerous, life threatening situation. One of the newest disciplines to come on the scene is Kava Maga which is an area of Martial Arts for personal defense. We also have products and reviews on MIxed Martial Arts or MMA, which is a hugely popular area although it is primarily known for fighting is it also a very effective way of training for personal safety.

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